Garment Processing

Our pre-retail processing services are tailored to each customer’s precise needs and to ensure that your garments arrive on time, in pristine condition and are ready for immediate sale.

As part of our service offering we provide a vast range of garment processing services, including; pick and pack services as per store allocations; re-belting of garments; de-labelling; adding size cubes to hanger necks and customising hangers with retailer logo stickers.

Wet Garment Processing

Our fully equipped processing plant, within our London garment facility, includes chamber-Veit and Sussman steam tunnels, which can process more than eight hundred items per hour.

  • Full hand Pressing.
  • Hand Iron touch up.
  • Steam Tunnelling.

Dry Garment Processing

  • Tagging & de-tagging
  • Bagging / Sealing
  • Bag sticker application
  • Over Stickering / re-stickering
  • Re-boxing
  • Garment folding / Unfolding
  • Size Cubing Cable tying
  • Garment quality & inspection checks
  • Quality control
  • Place cartons onto pallets
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Garment Disposal Alterations and amendments
  • Pick & Pack services

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